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Wow, I've been gone a while. If you follow me on Twitter though, you know that I recently finished Harry Potter, and Flowers in the Attic. All of the books I've been reading are amazing, and highly reccomended, including my most recent. Today Hide and Seek (Lying Game #4) by Sara Shepard came out, and in 3 hours I read through 60% of it! It's that good. Even though I'm not finished yet, I deffinately think you should read it. The whole series (book 5 comes out Feb. 2013). Anyway, all the books I want to read don't come out for a while, so do you guys have any suggestions? Leave them in the forum if you do, and I'll be sure to check them out.

You can follow me on Twitter @thebookclubgirl, and email me at

~Happy Reading!

2/4/12 Have You Read...?

So Sara Shepard has written too many books for me to name, and has two ABC Family series based on them. The books are Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game, both filled with drama, and both page turners. If you haven't read them yet or at least watched the shows (which, so far, are quite different from the books, so you could read and watch and still not be spoiled), then you should. The first books are named after the series, so if you want to start look for those. Here are the series in order, for reference (because that can be annoying,sometimes, looking for the books in order).

Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable, Wicked, Killer, Heartless, Wanted, Twisted, Pretty Little Secrets (just came out, but takes place between Unbelievable and Wicked.), Stunning (coming soon).

The Lying Game: The Lying Game, Never Have I Ever, Two Truths and a Lie (coming soon).

Hopefully you will check these out and enjoy them as much as I have!

~Happy Reading~ 

1.29.12 The Fault in Our Stars

I very recently read John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, and let me just say, it was AMAZING. I managed to read my (signed) copy in a matter of hours, even staying up until 5 am just to finish it. If you haven't heard of it, or have, but haven't gotten it, do so. But just a warning, you will cry.

I'll try to summarize this book without giving away too many spoilers. The main character is Hazel Grace, a 16 year old cancer patient who hasn't been in school for 3 years, and really has no friends or life. Which is why her mother sends her to a cancer support group. At said support group, she meets (and pretty much falls in love with)  Augustus Waters, another former cancer patient who had his leg amputated. At this point, I will stop giving so many details, so as to not ruin the book for you. Hazel and Augustus begin hanging out and fully fall in love with each other. There are some hard times, but they enjoy each other, even meeting Hazel's favorite author and realizing what a douche bag he is. Of course I mentioned that you will cry. And this is where I end my summery. Be sure to check out the book, because it is the most amazing book I've read in a very long time (the last one quite possibly being another John Green book). 

 Thanks for reading this, and be sure to follow me on twitter @thebookclubgirl

~Happy Reading! 

12-21-11 The Name Of The Star

A little while ago I read the book The Name of The Star by Maureen Johnson. In the book Rory moves to England to go to a boarding school. (I read this 2 months ago, so I apologize for very unspecific details). While she's there, a new serial killer terrorizes the town by mimicking the murders of Jack the Ripper. Since the school is in the middle of the places where the original murders took place, Rory and her friends (Jazza and someone else whose name I can't remember.) get used to staying in the school. That is, until they are convinced to sneak out on the night the next murder is supposed to occur. Except it doesn't. When Rory and Jazza get back to their building, Rory is caught by a strange man she's never seen before, one that Jazza, who is looking straight at him, never sees. Why? Because Rory is a Shade; she can see ghosts. The story continues to follow Rory and her powers through her suspenseful journey to find and get rid of the new Jack the Ripper. 

This book was/is amazing and I COULD NOT put it down. It's also apart of a trilogy that is yet to be finished, and I can't wait to read them all. Be sure to check it out. You won't regret it! 

I'm Back!!! December 21, 2011

I haven't been on here in a very long time for many reasons. I'm back, though, and I plan on getting up more reviews, lists, and other posts very soon (like right after I post this). Despite having been gone from here so long, I've still been able to read a few books, so count on many recommendations! Thanks for still being apart of the site, though. I promise I'll keep up with posts!

~Happy Reading! 

July 8, 2011

So, I recently read the book 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson. The story focuses on Virginia (Ginny) Blackstone and her quest to grant her favorite aunt's last wish, contained in 13 little blue envelopes. I really enjoyed the book, because throughout Ginny's journey she grows from her shy, quiet self, into a less quiet, more surprising girl. I think this is a great and inspiring summer read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves quirky romance books! There is a sequel to the book, The Last Little Blue Envelope. I can't wait to read that, as the first book was amazing. Check it out, as I don't think it will disappoint you.

On another note, I got the most recent Pretty Little Liars book, Twisted. Really good, and REALLY scandalous! Definitely add that to your reading list as well.

I plan to get the book list up soon, with some other good summer reads, so be sure to check that out.

~Happy Reading 

June 23, 2011

So, I have finished the Pretty Little Liars books, but not the entire series! The 9th book comes out in a few weeks, on July 5th, and the 10th book comes out on December 6th. I'm super excited. I promise to add some of the summaries/reviews I've mentioned, but I wanted to add this little update first. Check out more info on the next (4) books >HERE<


You guys should be proud of me! I read 4 books in a week, like I used to! So the amazing, AMAZING, books that I read were Pretty Little Liars! I really enjoyed them (and the show, which is like, completely different). I recommend them to everyone who loves mystery and suspense type novels, and also teen drama type things (this book is PACKED with both). Hopefully you guys will read them, or have read them. I haven't read the last four yet, but I did read that the author is writing four more books in the series, and the next one comes out July 5, I believe.

Anyway, The Son of Neptune, the second book in the Heroes of Olympus series (Percy Jackson runoff) will be out sometime in September, and the cover art is already released. I really can't wait to read that, as it was also a wonderful series.

Also, in case I didn't mention it in my last post, 13 Little Blue Envelopes is very good. I haven't finished it yet, but as I promised, I will review it when I do.

I promise it's almost over! Just one more thing - summer is almost here, and that means that I will release a summer reading list. I can't remember if I did one last year, but I haven't posted a book list in a while, so there's my opportunity!

Well, I could probably write a TON more, but this is pretty long, so....

~Happy Reading (and Summer!) 


I haven't written anything in a MONTH!!! Wow! I've been reading a little, too, but not very much. I do have an idea that I'm not sure about yet (as I've just now thought of it) but what if, for a month, I posted a new, maybe not as heard of book every week to read? I think that would be a fun way to get to read new things, and then in the forum section, you can review the book, and tell us what you though. I'll start a new topic in the forum for you to comment on this idea, and maybe next month we can start that! (or maybe later, due to things like finals, and such)

Happy Reading! 


If you have not read 13 Little Blue Envelopes, and have been meaning too, now is your chance to get the book 100% FREE. If you click >< this link, you can download the book for Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. If you don't have any of those, but do have an iPad or iPhone, the iPad version will be coming soon, and you can get the free Kindle app from the app store. That's what I did. I probably won't read/review it for a while, but I can't wait to, it seems good.

Happy Reading 


So, I haven't REALLY noticed how many books have accumulated over time - until now.

The reason I'm noticing now is because I'm getting a new books shelf, so I have to clean out my old one. I also have books scattered about my room, so take that into consideration.

This is what happened when I took my books out of my old shelf....


Ha! Ok, so anyway, I (for once) borrowed a book from my friend called Flowers in the Attic. It's creepy and awesome all at the same time. Here's what I know (and can say since it's on the back of the book...) An accident happens and the family is forced to move into the grandparent's house. Then, the children are locked in the attic by "The Grandmother." I shouldn't tell you anymore because that might give stuff away, but you should check it out!

Happy Reading 


So, finally I have finished The Hunger Games series, and I have to admit, I'm obsessed! It is a great series and it did help take my mind off Twilight, lol. I loved the books, but I'm not very pleased with the ending... I wanted to put up a new poll about that, but it doesn't seem to want to work... Try to post a comment on whether you liked the ending or not in the comments I'll put up (without giving away too many spoilers). Also, I put up a search box in the sidebar so you can search about the site. The results will come up on the home page (here). 

Happy Reading.



So, I've finished Angel (can't wait for the FINAL book next year...) and I'm half way through Catching Fire. I'm also reading the newest book in the Secret of My Hollywood Life series. I don't have much to say today so...

Happy Reading 


Ok, so I seriously need to finish reading all my books (Catching Fire, Pride and Prejudice, Angel, ect...) but I do have an announcement type thingy. If you DO have a twitter account, you can now follow us @thebookclubgirl. I will probably post more updates on there than here, and I will also be able to post a lot quick book dates, free books, and previews, as well as when new posts on here are. Hope you can follow the site! Well, back to reading!

Happy Reading! 


YAY!!!! I got Angel yesterday, and even though I only got through a few chapters, I still have already read to ch.27 about. I HIGHLY recommend you read the Maximum Ride Series (starting with The Angel Experiment) if you haven't already. It is really... Awesome! :) But sadly, next year around this time, the series will come to a close :'( And I will try to update the calendar for everyone so you know when new books are coming out, and I will also try to write more reviews for books soon (and summaries) so stay tuned and Happy Reading!


Amazingness has happened! James Patterson has released the first 21 chapters of Angel, a Maximum Ride Novel online for free. Go to to read it or go to the app store for Iphone/ Ipod Touch and search Angel by James Patterson to get it as a free e-book on your Iphone. Hope you like it, I know I do, and I'm only on the 4th page!


*UPDATE, and possible **SPOILER***


Ok, so, for those of you who know Dylan, in this book, he really REALLY reminds me of Jacob in Eclipse... He is acting like the same way......... GRRR!!!! 


I finished the PREVIEW of Angel! YAY. And I'm getting farther in The Hunger Games! Yay. I don't really have much to say today... But I added a new poll at the top, so try to answer that! Well, anyhoo...

Happy Reading! 


I can't do a very long post today, but I started the Hunger Games (I'm only on, like, page 60 though) and I really like it. Maybe my new obsession since I'm finally done reading Twilight (I think 5 times is enough....). Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I added (or  will be adding) some new links to the site so check those out >HERE<. Anyway.... I have to go. Email me your stories to be posted on the site, and maybe by next week I'll get a real post up here!

~Happy Reading! 


Happy New Years Eve!!! I just wanted to say that I will be starting The Hunger Games soon, and also that I seriously need to stay off LOL. I have found WAY too many good books that I need to add to my list, even though I am still reading like 5 books. Oh! I found a FREE e-book that is pretty good called Wish by Alexandra Bullen I believe (I'm lazy and don't want to check, but I'm pretty sure about that.) I found it on on one of the posts. If you can't find it, I will try to link it here directly soon. Also, I think I will add another (I have added a first one?) book list of books I want to read and maybe a list of some that I have read recently that I like. Have a wonderful New Year, and I hope to post again soon! 

Happy Reading! 


Ok, so today and yesterday on youtube is the Project For Awesome campaign. If you see this in time, the P4A live stream is still going, so if you want to watch it you still can. But, basically P4A is a youtube project where, on December 17th each year, youtubers can post a video talking about a charity that they really support and want to spread the word about. I did not post a video, but I want to do my part. I want to tell you guys about Scholastic's Global Literacy Campaign. This is to encourage children to read more and to help people learn to read. Please go to their website @ to read more about this and go to to check it out!

Happy Reading!

P.S. I just signed up thebookclubgirls to encourage a child to read every day! You can do the same on the site! 


So, I was back online looking at books (LOL) and I came across another pre-order by Sara Shepard, author of Pretty Little Liars (which comes back on T.V. in January!) called The Lying Games. It sounds pretty good, and also like yesterday's book, a bit paranormal. Of course it is sure to be scandalous, just like her other series. You can read the first 20% of the book >HERE<. This is now on my list, and I can't wait for it to come out! 

Happy Reading! 


OMG! Great news! The site is now mobile! Go check it out on your Iphone, Ipod Touch or smart phone. Type in in your browser and visit us on the go! You can read user uploaded stories, and new posts from your phone! Hope you like it.

Happy Reading!


So, I was (as usual) surfing my favorite author's book sites and Borders, and I came across a new book by Lisa Mcmann, the author of Wake, called Cryers Cross. It sounds pretty good, and also for someone who likes paranormal books. I may or may not read it (but I probably will) because I have about a thousand books on my list, and I'm reading like ten right now :). I am posting my current list (with links) >HERE< and to read more about Cryers Cross, go >HERE<

Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Well, I just read The Lost Hero and I loved it!!! Everyone should read it, if you haven't already. If you don't already know, The Lost Hero is in the Percy Jackson series, but it has and is narrated by different characters. But Percy and Annabeth and everyone else (who lived) is in it too. I hope you all love it as much as I did! Hope I can get back on here soon!

Happy Reading!


So, I haven't been on in a while, but I did finish 3 books since I have been here. The first two are in a series and the first book is called TTYL and the entire book is in the format of IM conversations. It is very old though-2005-but it's still pretty good. I also finished reading Dracula, which was really good, too. I just started reading Wired and Up From Jericho Tel (That's an old one, too. I actually read it before, in 4th or 5th grade!).

~Happy Reading~

P.S. for all the Twilight fans, in case you haven't heard, Eclipse is now up for pre-order and will be out in December! :)


Ok, so I haven't been able to update in a looooong time (only over two weeks, but it feels like it's been longer), but I did just finish Demons and Druids today.... Heres what I thought.

So, as you all know, I have been waiting to read Daniel X: Demons and Druids for a long time now, especially since I read the first book in the book. I think, though, that that was the best part of it. The beggining got me excited to read the rest, but when I started book two I was sort of let down. The rest of the book was mostly unimportant filler and the ending wasn't as exciting or thrilling as I thought it would (should) be. I'm not saying you shouldn't read the books (everyone has a different opinion) but I do think that it was a let down. Sorry JP, but this wasn't your best. Still can't wait for Angel to come out in Feburary, though!

Anyway, I hope to get back to the site soon!

Happy Reading and Go Maximum Ride!


Ok, so I haven't read the series yet ( I want to though) but I do know that the new book MockingJay in the Hunger Games series is out in hardcover. You probably already know this and I know I'm a little late on the the update, but for anyone who didn't know, you now do!

Happy Reading!


Ok, so I wanted to post this because I did some editing to the templates font, but I realized that the font I chose isn't visible on other computers that haven't downloaded the font. It is the same font type as the logo (which you may have noticed is also the same font used in Twilight as Bella's hand writting). So, if you want the font you can click >HERE< to download it. I promise you that it is virus free. I got it from >this website < 

Also, I look forward to reading more of your stories, so send them in! :)

Send me ideas, events, ect for the site!

Happy Reading!


So, I am just writing to ask you all what you think of the new site design. I know that I change it so often, but I only do it to see if I like it or not. But this time its staying, because it took me forever to get right!

Anyhoo, like I said yesterday, send me things you would like to see on the site to and you can always send me things that your wtiting.

I have posted a new story on the Your Story page, along with my own, so go check it out!

Happy Reading!


Ok, so I haven't been on latley because I haven't been able to get online! So sorry. Anyway it is time to tell you guys the winning logo! .... ~It won 50% of the votes~

Anyhoo, you can still enter your story for the website so everyone can read it, and as I always say I love to read them too, even if you don't want them on the site.

Also, if anyone cares, I am currently reading (and loving!) Bram Stoker's Dracula! I think it's really great, and you can get it for free on the free Borders iphone app (it comes with it when you get it).

Also, I think I have gotten a few more members since I have been on here, so welcome to the site and I really hope everyone enjoys it.

And remember, if there is anything you would like me to post/say/do on the site, just message me through here or email me @ !

Happy Reading!


Hello! Demons and Druids came out four days ago in hardcover I believe. I can't wait to read that, and I will write either a review or a summary on it when I finish it. What I have heard from the audio book so far was really good.

You can still submit your story (finished or unfinished) to be posted on the site! I love reading your stories, too, so you can send them to me even if you don't want them posted, for feedback on them! 

Also, voting for the new logo will end on August 5th and the new logo will be placed on the site shortly after! 

Well, I think that is all, so...

Happy Reading! 


Hello! Suprisingly, I don't have much to say today. I just want to do an update. So, in 6 days Demons and Druids, by James Patterson comes out. I really like the series and recommend that you read it! What else... You can also still send me your story for the Your Story page so everyone can read it! I also would love to read your story, even if you don't want to post it - just tell me that you don't want it on the site if thats the case! Also, if you have an i-touch, or i-pad, or even just your computer, you can get the borders app (or for computers, go to and they have FREE e-books. Most of them are classics, but if you want to read some you can look and see if they have the book (like I got Pride and Prejudice!) Also, for itouch/pad you can get the IBooks app, and they have free books, too.

Happy Reading!


Ok, I wanted to tell you all that I can, if you'd like, post your story on the site, under Your Story. I don't have a way for you to post it yourself, but if you would like others to be able to read your story, email me through You can send me a document version of it, or as the body of the email. I would really love to create a collaborated library of all of your writing. So, send me your story and I will post it up here on the site!


Ok, so I'm sorry if you've gone to my profile and tried to find my story. I totally forgot to post it on there. Anyway, it won't let me put it up there, so click >HERE< to read it. Its only a couple pages - 7 - but it's about 12 chapters. I hope you like it, and I would love for you to comment on my profile telling me how you like it. I also think it would be cool to set up a page for you guys to post your own stories, so I'll look into that, too. Anyhoo, I hope you like it!



So, more fun news today! I added a link to Guu Berries, which is a site for writers and artists. Check the links area if you want to check that out. Another link type thing is that the Max Ride site has a free audio book preview for James Pattersons new book (in the Daniel X series) Demons and Druids. I listened to it and it is great! There is also a link for the e-book on there, too.

Also, on my profile I am going to add a link to my story! So you can read it there and please comment on how you like it! I am having trouble with how to go on, so if you have any ideas, please tell me!

Another new thing is that I am starting a (personal) blog, that will not be so book related, but you can check that out @

Yesterday, I mentioned that Borders has a new e-book thing going on and it's pretty cool. I went on their actuall site (not the app) and I downloaded the PDF file for Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. I wasn't expecting it to be the way it was. I was thinking it would be like a normal e-book, you know, white background and black font, nothing like the physical book? Well, it turned out that it was the actuall really old book scanned into the library there. It's pretty cool, but I'm not sure the rest of the books are like that. This was also a free e-book, so that may have something to do with that.

~Happy Reading!


So, a few updates, well, not updates, but things I feel like saying... Anyhoo, ^ up there I have the logo voting ness, and > over there ish there are the new books that come out soon. Finnaly, I have a list of all of the books (well all of my teen/YA books) that are in my library, so I am going to post that right > here

And, hopfully you liked my mini review/summerie V down there. So, I will update some things around the site (not everything) and you guys can check it out. Oh, on my library list I recommend all of the books, EXCEPT: Now You See Her and Looking For Alaska, though both of the books are the kind I think about rereading, because I feel I haven't given them the chance, I do not think that Now You See Her was well written, and Looking For Alaska was...Perverted. You can try them, but of the two, I don't think that Now You See Her is worth reading...

Oh, also, if you've looked at the Blog section (I haven't posted there either, but I post here mostly) it says that I had wanted to read A Child Called "It". It was AMAZING!!!! It was sooooo sad and awesome and TRUE~that was probably the most disturbing part. I cannot believe that, but I know that it is true. Anyway, you guys should read it, and it's short and quick, but very good.

Ok, so I know this is long, but I'm in a blogging mood right now, so...I am off to go update thy site and I hope new visitors will join and tell your friends, too. Yeah...

OH! The new e-book stuff has come out @ Borders. You can get the app on your I-Touch (I did that) or ipad or any of those other things. Info is on their home page, so go check it out!

~Happy Reading!!!


Ok, so I haven't been on very much, because I've been busy with other stuff, but I have read two more books, Something, Maybe and Some Girls Are, these are both very good books, and I would totally recommend them to anyone who likes drama/romance/ect. Something, Maybe is about a 17 year old girl whose tried for years to escape her embarassing past and just be ignored. She thinks that her co-worker, Josh, is her total soul mate, and is confused when she starts having feelings for someone else. Some Girls Are is about high-schooler, Regina Afton who went from ruling the school with her best friend, Anna, to being tortured by her former crowd. She has no-where to go, and when she looks toward the person whose life she made a living nightmare, she finds that he may not be as bad as she thought.

Contest Winner!

The winner of the book contest is Alayna!


Hey peoples! Just wanted to remind you, check out the book club page to start a club in your area! Also, I would love to know what you guys read this summer, or plan to read, so post your reply in the blog area. Also, it would be great if you guys made some fun summer reading lists! Tell your friends about the site! Thanks and have a great summer,

~The Book Club Gal~


Hey! So, if you're following what I'm reading, I'm currently reading the 3rd A-List Hollywood Royalty book. Anyway, I probably wont update the site too much over the summer. So, for the summer book list, either scroll down until you find it, or go to the Book Club page. Hope you guys have a great summer! Keep reading!

P.S.~ Don't forget, you still have time to enter the contests!

~The Book Club Gal~


So, I feel that I should run another contest {other one is still going on, BTW}. So, this new contest is for a new logo design. I don't care if it's drawn on the computer, by hand and scanned in, or what ever, all it needs to include is The Book Club Girls, and the tagline, for girls ages 12-16 and a picture of a book, oh, also, it should probably be pink! Anyway, just email it to with your username by, oh, how about July 21. Then, I'll have my top 5 on the site for voting. Thanks!

{members only! Others can vote, though!}


So, you guys have probably noticed that there is a Meebo toolbar at the bottom of the page. Well, I've had that feature up on the site for a little while, but still had the chat room. So, I got rid of the chat room, and now chating is only available through Meebo {which I find simpler}. So, yeah. Just wanted to update you on that.

Anyhoo, today I'm going to review the third book in the Airhead series, by Meg Cabot. I read this like last month {and BTW, if you haven't read Airhead, you really should! It's great} and it's called Runaway. This book raps up the series, which is very love story, total science fiction, mixed with reality, all in a way that is understandable {to me atleast}. I think that this book ends the series really well. I mean, if you've gotten as far as Being Nikki, you should know that this series would be kind of hard to rap up. I mean, how do you get back to normal?! But, Meg Cabot succeeded in doing so {ish}. The story ends with justice for Nikki and Em, and a great love life for all the characters. I totally recommend this series to you guys, and I really hope you like the ending!

Also, tell me how you like the new design!


Hey! If you want to follow what I'm reading, I am currently reading {still, I know....} Pride and Prejudice and City of Ember! And I'm waiting for 4 more books I ordered. Anyway, if your interested in starting a book club, visit our book club section for details!

Oh, I finished The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner last night, and I think it is a really great book. If you have been unsure of if you wanted to read it, I'm here to say that I would recommend it. It has a completely different "voice" than the other Twi books, but thats because its a new POV. It shows all that went on with the other side of the story, while Bella and the Cullens were prepairing to fight. I ended up feeling sad for Bree in the end, since she was killed. Anyhoo, I think you should read it. It's not that long {only 178 pages} and you'll probably be able to finish it really quick. If you have read it, tell me what you think in the blog section!


Just to add to reminders, if you would like to read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer for free online, you can do so from today until 12am on July 5th at Also, don't forget about the contest going on in the fun stuff section!


So, just as a reminder, don't forget that we have a contest going on. Info is in the Fun Stuff section. Also, on the website, I have created a group where you can add books you like to read, so others can read them, too. Just sign up, and join thebookclubgirls group to add books, or stories you've written. I might also add the story I am writing!

And, I almost forgot, the new page is up to help you set up a local book club with you and your friends! Book Club


Well, Stephenie Meyer's new book came out today, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and I'm sure some other books, too.

Library Of Doom

So, I have discovered a new web site that I'm sure all of you will like. It's called Library of Doom. You can read books online for free. All you need is a Wattpad account. You can also get the WattPad app on your I-Pod/I-Phone. Hope you enjoy the site! There is a link for her site in the Links area under the Fun Stuff menu! 

5-30-10 Continued

Start up a Book Club Girls book club in your area! There will be a new area coming in June for you all to set up a summer book club. Just get a couple friends, join the site, print out our book lists and every couple of weeks, get together and discuse the books and ask the questions for them! You can read the details coming soon on the Book Club page! Happy Reading!


Well summer is almost here! Check out my previous book list for the summer if you'd like. I also would like some ideas on what else I could add to my site, so email me @ if you have some! Happy Reading!

The Book Contest

I forgot to mention that the title of the book is Back In Black by Zoey Dean, the fifth book in the A-List series.

5/28/10 Contest!!!

So, I got this one book as a gift, but I've already read it. Since I have no other use for it, I'm going to give it away. Members can check the Fun Stuff page to see the details on entering the contest. Only members may enter, so if you would like to try, sign up. And remember, Happy Reading!

New Books, New Members, New Reading Lists, Oh My! 5/27/10

Well, as I said, there is a new book coming out!! It's by Stephenie Meyer and it is called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. The book comes out June 5th, and will be available online at and in stores. The book is based of the character Bree, the newborn in Eclipse. And yes, I'm talking about another Twilight book, TwiHards!

The second thing I am excited to mention is the new members that have been joining here and on my TextPlus community! Thank you everyone who has joined, and please, remember you can comment and email me with book type things @ That applies to a you non-members too!

Finally, I have a new reading list for the summer:

  • The A-List by Zoey Dean
  • Talent by Zoey Dean
  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
  • Paper Towns by John Green
  • Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli
  • Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen
  • The Secret Rights of Social Butterflies by Lizabeth Zindel
  • Girl of the Moment by Lizabeth Zindel
  • Skinned by Robin Wasserman


Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been pretty busy. I don't have any new books that I'm reading, but I do have a book I would like to read. A Child Called It. It sounds like a good and also very sad book. If you have read it, comment in the what are we reading page and tell me how you like/disliked it! Also, keep joining and keep updating on what books your reading! Happing reading!


Hello! I have changed the What Are We Reading? page a bit. Now comments will show up when you type them! Please check it out!


Hey everyone! I'm back, and now so is the new and improved chat room! Come visit it if you get the chance and hopefully more people will come and chat! You can also ask questions there! Thanks for visiting!


Happy May First everyone! Hope you guys liked the book list  I posted yesterday! I can't think of anything that i need to say today. I you think of anything interesting, email me @

My Book List

A compiled list of the most recent books I have enjoyed!

  • Daniel X Watch the Skies: James Patterson
  • Fang: James Patterson
  • The Wake Series: Lisa Mcmann
  • The Skinned Series: Robin Wasserman
  • How Not To Be Popular: Jennifer Ziegler
  • Secrets of My Hollywood Life Series: Jen Calonita
  • The A-List: Zoey Dean
  • The Last Song: Nicholas Sparks
  • The Uglies Series: Scott Westerfeld


Hello guests and members! Thank you for visiting. For now I have no new updates! I'll try to update the new books on the calendar soon.

No More Blog Page!

Welcome to the offical blog/home page! LOL. I decided against writing in the blog, so this can now be my blog!

♥The Book Club Girl♥

Moving to the blog page....

I am going to start post my daily comments in the blog section. This will mean that guests may no longer be able to see them in the current state of me restrictions. I think i am going to change that though, so that you may enter the blog. I might still post here too, because this is the home page, that or i could just get rid of the blog, because i feel it is slightly unescessary.... Well what ever happens will happen! Thank you, also, for the wonderful comment in the guestbook, HopeTwo! LOL


I think this area gets more viewers, so I'll post my latest books here. Right now I am (still) reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and I am reading a new book called Can You Keep a Secret (this book isn't exactly young adult though) by Sophie Kinsella, author of Confessions of a Shopaholic! Hope you join me in my reads and remember to post your own on the What Are We Reading? page!

New Book Calendar

Hey, if you know of any books that are coming out soon, email me the names and dates if you would like them to show up on our Calendar ! Thanks

Join!!! I'm all alone here!

Well, hello again! Like i have said, I am trying to get a bunch more members. I am happy to say, though, that many people have visited from all over the world! Sadly, though, people don't stay too long, mostly because they don't want to sign up because the site seems empty! Well help me fill it up! LOL, anyhoo, Please atleast leave recommendations for books in the guestbook. Thank You again for stopping bye! Ooh, I'll make a new page for guests to give me ideas on how to make the site better! K, TTYL :)

New Page: IDEAS

Hi Again!

Hola! Like i said the other day, I am trying to get 20 new members! Come on and join! Also, I am creating a new book site for everyone! More info on that to come! Thanks for visiting!


Thanks again for visiting! Come and join! I am trying to get 20 more members! Help me out with that! LOL, ok thanks, and also (even though you probably came here from this app) join the textplus community THEBOOKCLUBGIRLS if you haven't already, and recommend this site to a friend if you like it!! More to come soon!

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