The Book Clubers

An online book club for those ages 12-16
(formerly The Book Club Girls)


Q. What can you do here?

 A. I have explained this in the About Us section. 

Q. Why do i have to join?

A. Joining is only to keep strangers out. It also helps in restricting things that are bad from the site.

Q. How old do i need to be to join?

A. This site is for people ages 12-16. This is because the books posted are for young adults.

Q. Is there anything i can't say, do, or post here?

A. You cannot post any inappropriate videos, language, or pictures. This is for younger teens, and it is preferred that the content is geared towards that. If you don't follow these rules, you can be banned from the site.

Q. What are the emails about?

A. Emails will be sent if something new is happening soon, like a book release, and they are not sent as spam. You can opt out of them at anytime.

Q. How do i terrminate my account?

A. We will be sorry to see you leave, but if you would like to end your membership with us, you can email us with the subject "End Account" and your username in the message section to and we will delete your information from our site. After this you will lose access to members only pages.